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Canine Ear Infection Study

Does your dog have an ear infection? We are currently participating in a nationwide clinical study using a new, single dose medication to treat external ear disease.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • At least 12 weeks of age

  • Is in general good health

  • Clinic diagnosis of otitis externa

  • Other criteria apply and will be evaluated by a veterinarian

Owner Responsibility:

  • Transport your dog to the clinic for a total of 4 scheduled visits over approximately one month.

  • Document your dog's health daily on an owner diary.

  • Refrain from taking your dog to the groomer, bathing your dog, cleaning their ears, or allowing them to swim while enrolled in the study.

If your dog is suitable for participation in the study, all examinations, bloodwork, and medications needed are no cost to you. Please contact Samantha at 417-509-8961 for more information.