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Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

Is your dog drinking more and urinating more than usual? He or she may qualify for a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational medication for dogs diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus.

English bulldog laying on a couch with a toy
English bulldog laying on a couch with a toy

Must meet the following criteria:

  1. General good health with no concurrent condition, disease, or medications that would affect stable glycemic status.

  2. 15 lbs or more

  3. Spayed or neutered.

Owners must be able to present their dogs for 8 visits over a 3-month period for examination and blood and urine sampling. All study-required tests and evaluations, insulin and supplies, prescribed food, and investigational medication will be provided to owners at no charge.

For questions or patient referrals for this study, please contact:

Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital - 417-509-8961

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