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Diabetes Mellitus Study in Cats

Is your cat always thirsty, eating a lot but still losing weight, or taking more trips to the litter box to urinate? These could be signs of Diabetes Mellitus. Ask us today about enrolling your cat in our clinical study for newly diagnosed Feline Diabetes Mellitus.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus, including

    • Excessive thirst

    • Excessive urination

    • Excessive hunger

    • Excessive weight loss

  • Must not have a history of urinary tract surgery, or be scheduled to have surgery requiring general anesthesia

  • Willingness of owner to comply with study requirements and oral administration of study medication to cat

  • Please note that extended absences for more than 7 days during the course of the study will cause ineligibility for participation.

What You Will Receive:

  • Costs for all study-related lab work, clinic visits, study medication and diet will be covered.

  • You may receive financial compensation for your full participation in the study.


Please contact LeNae at (417) 509-8961 for more information.

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