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Dog Elbow Pain Trial

A clinical research study focusing on pain management in dogs living with osteoarthritis of the elbow.

Happy dog holding its leash with its mouth
Happy dog holding its leash with its mouth

Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital is currently enrolling patients in a multicenter, fully funded clinical trial that aims to confirm the effectiveness and safety of a new medicine to control pain associated with osteoarthritis of the elbow in dogs.

What is the Dog Elbow Pain Trial?

The study aims to confirm the effectiveness and safety of a new medicine to control pain associated with osteoarthritis of the elbow in dogs. If your dog qualifies for this study, you should expect to stay in the study for 90 days and have 7 scheduled visits with the veterinarian conducting the study. You will also be required to provide weekly behavioral assessments of your dog.

Because this is a study that is intended to support the drug's approval, it needs to be "controlled". This means some dogs receive treatment and others undergo the preparation and everything leading up to an injection of the medication, but do not actually receive the medication being tested. This study is also "blinded" or "masked", meaning neither you nor the veterinarian making observations will know if you dog received the treatment or not until the end of the study. All owners of the untreated dogs will be given an opportunity at the end of the study for their dogs to receive the investigational treatment at no charge.

Is it safe to enroll my dog?

More than 200 dogs have been treated with the drug in safety studies, including pet dogs with elbow pain. This study is primarily focused on confirming the effectiveness of the drug. All dogs will be closely monitored and treated, in the event of any side effect. Please feel free to discuss any hesitations with the treating veterinarian, and if at any time prior to treatment you decide not to enroll your dog, you can do so at no charge and with no questions asked.

Your dog may qualify is he/she:

  • Is at least 1 year old

  • Weighs more than 11 pounds

  • Confirmed diagnosis of bilateral elbow pain due to osteoarthritis impacting mobility and quality of life.

  • If suffering from additional conditions other than joint pain, those conditions are stable and under medical care

  • Is not intended for breeding and is not pregnant of lactating

  • Has not had a medical or surgical procedure in the past 30 days

  • Does not have acute joint pain from an infection that is being treated with antibiotics

*Other study criteria may apply. The veterinary investigator will decide if your dog is a good candidate for this study after examination.

If qualified, your dog would receive (at no cost to you):

  • Investigational medicine or the procedure without injection of the medication.

  • Study-related exams and tests.

  • Time with a local veterinarian.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information regarding the study. Please call us at 417-509-8961.